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George Read II House named a National Historic Landmark

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Read House & Gardens

Read House_Hallway Read House Kitchen_Photograph by Priscilla Smith

High Praise from Wilmington's new mayor, Mike Purzycki!

Mayor Mike Purzycki

According to an interview with New Market Wilmington, one of the mayor’s favorite places is the Delaware Historical Society! “One of the great gems of this state is the Delaware Historical Society. I think that is such a treasure sitting right in the middle of Market. And somehow, we have failed to accentuate it enough. The great thing about old architecture is that it imparts a sense of richness to your whole experience that you can't get in a new building. I don't care what mall you go to, it's still a mall. It's still glass and steel, it's cold, and there are no echoes on the past. When you go to that entire complex, you get a tremendous sense of our history and who we were and what was here. We want to make Market part of an historic tapestry which includes the Underground Railroad and all the shipbuilding and all of the economic activities that took place along Market for years, including the DuPont company. Those things are all part of what we are. I think everything down there has got to remind the visitor of what went on here.” Read more.


Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway's "Byway Bucks" Program

U.S. Representative Lisa Blun Rochester  Mayor-elect Mike Purzycki

Left to right: U.S. Representative-elect Lisa Blunt Rochester;
Mayor-elect Mike Purzycki

On Monday, November 21, 2016, the Delaware Historical Society hosted the kickoff for this year’s Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway’s “Byway Bucks” program in partners with the Small Business Administration and Deldot at the Delaware History Museum and Mitchell Center for African American Heritage.

Mayor-elect Mike Purzycki and U.S. Representative-elect Lisa Blunt Rochester spoke at the event, sharing their enthusiasm for the program and the ways that participants will support small businesses and Delaware’s economy.

The Delaware Historical Society is pleased to offer half-price admission to the Delaware History Museum with participants’ Byway Bucks and to support this initiative to promote Delaware history and small businesses. The “Byway Bucks” program was created for the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway, which traces the routes of the Underground Railroad in Delaware.

“Byway Bucks” are coupons that give discounts to certain services and goods along the Byway route. “Byway Bucks” can also be used at any of the program’s supporters’ venues. For more information click here.


New Acquisition

Civil War Quartermaster's Ledger from members of the Sons of Veterans of the Civil War of Delaware_Col David L Stricker Camp 64The Delaware Historical Society recently acquired a Civil War Quartermaster’s ledger with the generous assistance from members of the Sons of Veterans of the Civil War Delaware, Col. David L. Stricker Camp #64.  

The Civil War era handwritten quartermaster’s ledger was kept by Quartermaster-Sergeant Benjamin F. Hedges between 1861 and 1864. The 2nd Delaware Infantry was organized in Wilmington, Delaware on June 12-Oct. 7, 1861 and mustered in October 17, 1862 for three years’ service under the command of Col. W. Henry Wharton.

The ledger begins in August 1861 with various lists and requisitions for supplies to serve the 2nd Delaware, including wood, straw, great coats, blouses, trousers, stockings, gum, knapsacks, canteens, tents, drums, fifes, snares, hatchets, and more.

The ledger is a significant contribution to the Historical Society’s collection and will undoubtedly be an invaluable resource for Civil War enthusiasts, National History Day students, and academic scholars delving into Delaware’s Civil War history.




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