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Barratt's Chapel_outside viewOn November 14th, 1784, the very first Methodist community in the United States was founded at Barratt’s Chapel in Kent County, Delaware just north of the town of Frederica. Motorists can easily see this barnlike structure along Route 1, nine miles south of the John Dickinson Mansion. It was built by wealthy landowner and politician Phillip Barratt in 1780 as a place of worship for Methodists who at that time were still within the Anglican Church. Not long after the Revolutionary War ended in 1783, Methodists formally split from the Church of England. Newly ordained minister Thomas Coke presided over the celebration of the sacraments on that November Sunday in 1784 without the presence of an Anglican priest. Barratt’s Chapel is therefore known as the “cradle of Methodism” and the “Independence Hall of American Methodism”. It is the oldest Methodist Church building in the country still in use as a place of worship.


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World War 1 Victory Medal awarded to Captain Jesse A. McKay of New Castle, Delaware

For many of us, the arrival of November brings with it a change of the seasons and a looking-ahead to the year’s end, but this month once also heralded an ending of a different kind. At 11:00 AM on November 11, 1918, the Armistice between the Allies and Germany was signed, finally ending the four years of brutal fighting that had been World War I. Although the United States was a relative late-comer to the war, American soldiers served honorably and made their own important contributions to the Allied war effort. Many returned home to parades and joyful victory celebrations, and were later awarded the official World War I Victory Medal by the U.S. government for their service. Read more.


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